Friday 27 February 2015

Comparing Our Advert

This post will compare our own advert (shown below) to other adverts from bands in the same genres/subgenres, as to show off the conventions that we used to create ours.

Our first example is the promotional poster for the single Mountains by Biffy Clyro. The image shows two lions (presumably male and female) fighting underwater. In the background of the image is a large underwater iceberg, which can also be viewed as having the lions frozen in time. The iceberg is a contrast to the title of the single, effectively being an upside down, water version of a mountain. The colours used are very calming, using several shades of blue and white, which contrasts with the lions fighting. The band are known for having quite fast paced songs but also a variety of slow, calming songs, which could explain the lions and the iceberg (using them as a metaphor to describe the bands style). The poster doesnt show the band and instead focuses on the artwork which further shows the bands creativity. In comparison to our advert, they both fit with the characteristics of their chosen genres.

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