Wednesday 26 November 2014

Peer Feedback 1

Our first rough cut was shown to a class of 17 pupils so that we could obtain feedback. This photo shows an overview of the feedback received, including the the most mentioned improvements suggested and strengths given.

  • Good lip sync
  • Good thought beats
  • Range of shots used
  • Improve pace of edit (make the pace link to the edit)
  • Stabilise the shots

Monday 24 November 2014

Basement - Covet - Rough Cut 1

This is the first rough cut for our A2 Media Project. For this module we have to create a music video that includes genre representation, lip sync and narrative.

The video begins with a shallow focus extreme close up of the vocalist/microphone in order to begin with lip sync. We chose to do this because this is how the song begins therefore linking the music to the visuals. The video then continues by cutting to the music (thought beats). The moment when an actual picture comes up is only to fill where we want to include particular footage.

So far the footage reaches the end of the video although the there are lots of blank spots because we need to reshoot or find a way to fit things in the right sections.

Digipak Ideas



This is the Animatic from our storyboards which gives a brief overview of how we initially pictured our final idea for this product. there are a few differences however you get a lot of similar shots and the same narrative from this so it does not lead you away from what you see in the video.

Tuesday 18 November 2014

budget Sheet

When planning out our music video project, we have come to the realisation that some of our ideas and plans for the video include a lot of travelling, as well use of props. Because of this, we have decided to budget our video and therefore estimate the outgoing costs that we need to think about before filming.

No budget is needed for these shots as all props provided are already owned and is within walking distance of the college.

Flower Shop
£5-£10 is needed for the flowers, which will also be used in the Care Home scenes.
No budget will be needed for travel as it is within walking distance of the bedroom scene and college.

Care Home
£10 is needed for the Grandma's costume which we will purchase the week before filming.
£15 is needed for travel, most likely, for both cast and crew.


No budget is needed for the performance as the setting is within walking distance of the college.
No budget is needed for props as the cast and crew are using their own instruments.

Advert Ideas

Equipment Analysis

The equipment we are planning to use is:
·         A Canon EOS 1100D DSLR Camera
·         A Tripod
·         Track and Dolly
·         X4 Lights.

The first three pieces of equipment are going to be used for the entire video while the lights will only be used for the TV Studio for performance because of compatibility issues.

The Canon we will use in our video has HD video capture with 12-megapixel image quality. This will increase the footage quality in our video and make it look more professional. This camera also allows us to use zoom and allows us to get deep or shallow focus shots because of its automatic and manual focus settings.

The tripod will allow us to achieve steadier shots, especially ones that require us to capture a certain shot for a long period of time. This is important as we need our footage to look as clear and sturdy as possible.

By using the Track and Dolly we will be able to obtain a wider range of shots including crane or tracking shots and shot angles such as higher high angles. The track will also allow us to get steadier/more stable footage.

The four lights will be used during our recording sessions inside of the TV studio to improve our lighting and the visibility of the performers.

Shooting Schedule

Choosing The Song

We originally had many ideas and drafts for the song choice of our media product. At first we went through different artists in our genre area and came to decision that we would use 'Emily' by Lower Than Atlantis.  

However after planning the video we realised how common it was for an A2 media group to want to use a song such as this and use the extremely plain and simple idea of a boy loving a girl and them falling in love during the song, we decided to change our idea and go for a darker, less joyful song which we could use to perhaps alter the narrative into something that no one was expecting and not follow the trend that has been set by so many videos throughout the course.

When thinking of a song we came up with 'Covet' by Basement which had slower lyrics and a darker tone which helped us achieve what we wanted to do in terms of mixing up what is usually seen in previous years.

The song is relatively short but there is enough time for us to get lip sync in the performance sequences and camera and editing in the narrative to get a good grade at the end of the course.

Editing- Tuesday, 18th of November

This lesson we made progress on the first rough cut. The narrative shots captured so far have been added to final cut timeline. So far we have reached 1:06 and have edited individual shots by using stabilisation to stop them from shaking as much.

In the image above you can see gaps between shots; this is because we have captured shots that we know we want for specific moments (so that it links to the music through thought beats). This has left us with gaps that we now have a better idea of what to fill it with because we have progressively edited the video rather than getting all of the footage then editing.

Monday 17 November 2014

MAP 2 Review

This review gives feedback on how I have developed following my MAP 2 Feedback, it gives me extra points of improvement to the initial feedback and tells me how I have improved so that I know whether I am doing my work correctly.

Tuesday 4 November 2014

Evidence of Group Discussion

To be able to contact each other though out the week, our group has created a chat inbox on Facebook. We chose this site because each member of the group has an account on it and uses it quite often.

We also used this site to contact the cast as each member has an account as well.

To plan times for meeting up with the group outside of college, we have got a Timetoast timeline which shows all the times we have done work together and what we did.