Monday 27 October 2014

Call Sheets

Now that we have chosen our video concept and locations, we need to organise times for when we can record. This is when all of the crew and cast (needed for the shots) will be available. To make this an easier task we have created call sheets that provide all members of the video with the location, details and what they need for the shots, as well as this it shows the time and date that we will be shooting.

We have presented all of the information in tables so that information is easy to find and understand. To show where the locations are, we have used google maps for images to give everyone an idea of where each place is.

Sunday 26 October 2014

Gideon Records Final Logo

Below are the three versions of our final logo design used for our record company, Gideon Records, each used for individual things in our coursework.

The first one shown is the smaller of the three, as its primary use is as a watermark, this makes it easier to be placed things such as photos of the band and important documents (such as call sheets and the treatment). 

The second one shown is the larger version of the logo. This version will most likely be the one used in our music video and will feature special effects to make the writing appear on screen at a different time to the glasses. 

The final version features the original logo but with a black background. The green rectangle is replaced with a faded green circle. This highlights the the main logo and gives the white writing more character.

Friday 17 October 2014

MAP 2 - Feedback

MAP 2 Page 1
MAP 2 Page 2

This feedback (on page 2 of MAP 2) given by my tutor shows an overview of how well done my currently assigned work is. The first table shows which tasks are better and which need improvements. Next is a comments section that shows strengths and suggested improvements followed by three suggested targets.

From this I have decided to attend AST sessions and have learnt that my assessments are what need to be improved the most.

Tuesday 7 October 2014

Audience Profile

From our audience profile questionnaire we have found a basic idea of our target audience. We did not have many answers but the answers that we did get showed clearly the usual interests of this age and type of person. Our researched showed:
·      Our audience is between the ages 17 to 21,
·      Are mainly male,
·      Often listen to a good amount of music every day,
·      Like a range of genres which usually fit into the same category including rock, pop, punk, Alternative etc.

From this information I have created an average person for this target audience and how I imagine they are.

This is Adam; he is 17 years old and studies at a Sixth Form College doing music, music technology and maths. He is fairly intelligent and has a good amount of friends from college and school. He spends a lot of his time socialising, playing games and listening to music. In his own time he uses social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to talk and find about the things that interest him like different artists. Josh enjoys quite a large range of music including Pop, Rock, Alternative and Punk as well as other genres. Usually he listens to artists/bands such as Basement, Biffy Clyro and Nirvana. Here is Josh’s playlist of some songs he likes:

Josh's Playlist by Gideon Records on Grooveshark

Thursday 2 October 2014

Application of Theory

This is my application of theory taking ideas from media theories expressed by Andrew Goodwin and Stuart Hall and explaining how I plan to integrate them into my music video to help relate to the targeted audience and keep key definitive ideas of the genre.